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Subtle carbon application in acoustic guitars

In situations where long distances need to be covered, carbon offers the perfect solution. So too in 2020 during the corona pandemic.

In cooperation with Carbon Sailing, we have developed a lightweight 1.5-meter carbon stick. With the goal of providing entrepreneurs with a solution and helping the economy get back on its feet. The carbon stick is super powerful and weighs less than 260 grams! The so-called “Ease-Up” is available to all markets, including hospitality, media, parcel services and florists. This carbon stick will has helped many companies reboot their business operations in the new society.

Customer-specific applications

For many years, Prince Fibre has provided composite solutions to easily cross large spans. Carbon Sailing’s extensive machinery enables us to produce custom aluminum handout solutions for all industries.

High rigidity for ultimate precision

In addition to the carbon body, Prince Fibre also plays an important role in a special part of the CNR system: a carbon element that makes the guitar’s heel extremely rigid. This allows the amplifying block at the front of the guitar’s sound box to be significantly reduced, allowing the entire system to fit perfectly into the guitar neck. The exceptional precision and consistency of our carbon products are a perfect match for the high standards Furch Guitars envisions for its premium acoustic guitars. We hope to continue our successful and professional cooperation for many years to come.