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CO2 Footprint Prince Fibre

At Prince Fibre, the themes of sustainability and circularity are important. We have therefore set our targets and improvements and certified them at level 3 of the CO2 footprint.

The certification has provided greater insight into Prince Fibre Tech’s emissions.. As a member of the club of 49 (a collective of several companies within our industry whose goal is to deliver 49% fewer emissions to this world by 2030), we have been busy taking the right steps to achieve the goal of reducing emissions as a company.

The certification was done by TUV. The standards of this certification are high, with components such as complete mapping of emissions from the entire business trip, along with scope 1 & 2 of the CO2 performance ladder. In addition to fully mapping these components, a page was created on SKAO incorporating the measures.

All of this has allowed us as a company to have a better understanding of the company’s emissions. It has given us a lot of insight into the possible target to reduce emissions. The next step: taking the corresponding actions for a more sustainable and circular future.

CO2 Ladder

In this document you can read all about Prince Fibre’s policy regarding our Co2 footprint.

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