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Composite is an excellent application in many industries.

Carbon and fiberglass solutions are found in a host of industries and sectors in custom applications. Some characteristics are characteristic of carbon or fiberglass, but fiberglass and carbon also share properties.


Fiberglass & carbon

Sports and leisure

Fiberglass & carbon

Sail Support

Fiberglass & carbon


Fiberglass & carbon

Construction and infrastructure

Fiberglass & carbon

Telescopic tripods and tubes


Machinery and roller tracks


Robot arms


Drones and aero


Window frames and grilles



More on the properties of carbon and fiberglass

Carbon profiles

Carbon is the lightest of the two materials and offers higher stiffness. Because of its strength, carbon is applicable to replace steel and aluminum, among others.

Fiberglass profiles

Fiberglass is not only strong and lightweight, but also acts as an insulator. Due to an additionally low expansion, this material is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

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