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Strength, low weight and high rigidity

The use of lightweight composite profiles is common in manufacturing systems. Here, low weight is important because of all the moving the machines do. Think of pick and place robots that perform many operations per minute. Lightweight, powerful and of high rigidity are the necessary ingredients for a successful pick and place robot.

The use of robotic arms

Robotic arms move at lightning speed, work non-stop for hours and are accurate in grabbing and placing products. This results in increased production, reduced staff workload and ultimately provides cost savings. By composing the arms with the lightweight carbon, less energy is required to move that the robot does. In addition, the arms are strong enough to lift heavy materials.

Carbon for Delta Robots

PWR is the specialist for customer-specific automated robotic solutions in the food packaging industry. Through the collaboration between PWR and Prince Fibre, Prince Fibre’s carbon tubes have become an important part of the PWR Delta robots. The PWR Delta robots work smartly and precisely because they must be able to respond to complex conditions. Everything is in motion during production: the conveyor belt with food products, the belt on which the packaging lies and, of course, the robot itself. The optimal performance of PWR Delta robots is among the best in the Robotics market segment. Prince Fibre is proud to be a contributor and now supplies several Delta Robots suppliers.

Collaboration with Prince Fibre

Carbon is a material ideally suited for applications in the Robotics market. Do you also have a project for which you can use Prince Fibre’s diverse and customer-specific products? We are always able to create extraordinary products and deliver unique projects.
Please feel free to contact us! Our specialists think along with you and will gladly advise you about our carbon solutions with no obligation.