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Manageable and strong

Traditional telescopic tripods and other applications are weakened by their design in the areas where they extend. This can cause the material to bend and increases the likelihood of breaking.
Carbon tripods and telescopic applications do not have this problem.

The advantages of telescopic applications

A telescopic application of carbon is so strong that it does not bend. In addition, carbon is enormously light, making the product easy to handle.

The telescopic profiles can extend far, making them usable in multiple ways. Furthermore, it remains easy to store the product after it has been retracted. Lengths up to 12 meters can be realized.

For bridging long distances

One of our German customers asked us to help them solve a surge problem. The parcels on the conveyor belts in their distribution centers were jamming, causing the entire process to stop regularly. Restarting was a time-consuming task, so the “Packpicker” was developed in collaboration with our client.

This telescopic application is easy to handle due to its lightweight carbon fiber. Because of its strength, it does not bend, making it easy to reach its target. In addition, due to its striking colors (By a printed fleece added in the profile), safety on the work floor is maintained and it is clear that the packpicker belongs to our customer (anti-theft).

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