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Simple and effective or complex and innovative

Fiberglass and carbon are both powerful, lightweight composites. In construction and infrastructure, the use of both is desirable to provide reinforcement to traditional materials. Replacing traditional materials entirely with composites is additionally a possibility.


In the fields of construction and infrastructure, developments are rapidly following one another. For example, we have worked with a customer on a fiberglass lower sill, but have also used carbon laminates to reinforce structures such as bridges and overpasses.

Commissioning a fiberglass lower sill
Mainly in the construction of prefabricated homes, the addition of a fiberglass lower sill is quite an asset. These sills help insulate the home better, providing good service in accordance with the Building Code.The appearance of the fiberglass sill can resemble any type of material through an eccentric fleece.

Better bridging, larger span

By adding carbon fins to aluminum beams, it is possible to increase the span of the beam. The combination of the carbon with aluminum is so strong that the span percentage increases by 30%! The combination of the two materials is made by sliding a carbon strip into a recess in the beam. This construction was approved by the DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik) and we were able to apply it for a customer.

Looking for a similar solution or curious about the possibilities with fiberglass and carbon? Contact us to go over your situation with our specialists. We are happy to look with you at new opportunities for improvement.