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Light carbon and heavy loads

Composites have been part of larger structures such as aircraft for many years. With the rise of the drone, carbon is increasingly being used in this part of aerospace as well. By reducing the weight of the structure, the drones can carry larger and larger loads.
The ways in which we can apply drones are increasing as a result.

Drones of the future

We see the popularity of drones growing more and more. By now, many are familiar with the lightweight and supersonically fast drones used by the government and defense, or the pleasure drones that can be used to capture beautiful vacation images.

Because of the material’s light weight and high rigidity, we also see the use of carbon in the drone and aero industry increasing.

Collaboration with Drone4

Prince Fibre is working with a drone developer, but one of a very different caliber: Drone4, part of the Osse Equipment Manufacturing Group. Drone4 designs and assembles megadrones for logistics, agriculture, relief and other industries.

Prince Fibre was able to make a nice contribution to the Drone 4-70, which can transport up to 75 kilograms autonomously. Furthermore, we hope to continue to actively support them with new projects.
Prince Fibre is very proud to contribute to the potential and therefore future prospects of megadrones.

Take up the challenge

Aerospace is one of the leading fields in the use of composites. More and more customers in this industry are knocking on Prince Fibre’s door because of the low weight and powerful nature of our profiles. Do you also have a project where you can use Prince Fibre’s carbon profiles? Please contact us especially. Our specialists will be happy to assist you and provide you with no obligation advice.