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The benefits of less weight

Carbon profiles offer great advantages for mechanical engineering and on roller tracks. Adding profiles can speed up the production process and reduce the workload. By the way, carbon profiles are stronger than aluminum, and they have numerous other positive properties.

Why carbon profiles?

In the roller tracks and machinery sector, there is increasing demand for lightweight yet powerful carbon profiles. This is not surprising, as composites applications are very advantageous in this industry:

  • Thanks to composite profiles, less energy is required to initiate and terminate movements. As a result, the product lying on the track advances faster and can be stopped sooner.
  • There is no rusting. Post-treatment against corrosion is therefore not necessary.
  • No static electricity arises with carbon profiles, unlike, for example, plastic profiles.
  • The product is relatively very light, requiring fewer support points.

Applied as unwinding tube

Recently, Vlint came to ask if Prince Fibre could supply a carbon tube for a machine that was already in use. The carbon tube had to be light enough to be lifted by workers and powerful enough to support the heavy textiles unrolled by the machine. That was a real issue for a Prince Fibre product.

We delivered the lightweight, strong carbon tube, and after a few modifications, the product was gratefully put into use by Vlint employees. The tube saves weight and thus the energetic standard of lifting is no longer exceeded which was previously the case with steel.

Take up the challenge

Prince Fibre’s fiberglass and carbon products can be used very widely and in many different industries. This collaboration with Vlint is an excellent example of that.

As an innovative technology company, we strive every day to improve and develop your processes. Does this unique carbon project also make you curious about the possibilities that carbon can offer you? Prince Fibre is happy to advise you and help you think of unique applications for your custom developed product. Please feel free to contact our specialists.