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Insulating and stylish

The lower sill of the window frame is often made of materials such as aluminum or Belgian bluestone. This looks very nice, but still leaves something to be desired when it comes to insulating value.

With the 2012 Building Code, the requirements regarding energy consumption have been greatly tightened, which means that even a component such as the lower sill can be reconsidered during construction.

the emergence of the fiberglass sill

As an innovative technology company, Prince Fibre is improving and developing processes every day. Thus, we have been constantly involved with the sill together with our customer to frame and perfect the exact demand for the product. Pleasant mutual cooperation ultimately resulted in the optimized fiberglass lower sill.

A unique look

Fiberglass is a very good insulator, making it the ideal material to use as a sill. With the addition of an eccentric fleece, the fiberglass can be given any appearance desired; from wood to Belgian bluestone.

Developing together

Collaborative development of a customer-specific product is highly valued at Prince Fibre. By jointly designing and creating a unique product, we as specialty companies achieve growth with and for each other.

Did this unique lower sill also make you interested in fiberglass?
We are happy to engage with you for a custom developed product. Please feel free to contact our specialists. Then we will look at the possibilities with you!