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For shipping and marine

In the maritime sector, there are many advantages to using composites. Carbon offers extra strength almost without any extra weight, and fiberglass profiles insulate incredibly well. Manufacturing composite parts for marine and shipping is therefore a logical step.

Durable parts

Parts of naval vessels should be able to be repaired on site, so carbon or fiberglass cannot serve as replacements for necessary parts. What is possible, however, is designing smart solutions for parts on or in the boat.

Especially on water, it is important that materials used resist corrosion. Corrosion can lead to material weakening, which in turn can lead to the loss of bearing capacity and structural integrity of the material. An effective resin coating protects the fibers and profile from corrosion and maintains their strength over a longer period of time.

Aesthetic value

Traditionally, ships were designed and built with a focus on functionality and performance, with aesthetics often playing a secondary role. However, thanks to advances in technology and production processes, it is also possible to give fiberglass profiles a unique look by applying a fleece with a print. Prince Fibre has created a wood-look railing that combines the qualities of fiberglass with aesthetics.

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