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Projecten composiet - sport en vrije tijd

Better performance with composite

Carbon and fiberglass are increasingly used in the sports world. The material is lighter, which is ideal for a number of sports to increase performance. In addition, both carbon and fiberglass are strong composites that can increase the life of the material.

The importance of lightweight solutions

Within the Sports and Leisure industry, carbon and fiberglass profiles are chosen primarily because of their low weight. After all, in elite sports, every gram counts.

A well-known example is the road bike, which gives the rider better performance the lighter the bike becomes. Other applications are often less well known, such as in the skating world where carbon parts are added to skates.

Development institute Fraunhofer-ICT put the question to Prince Fibre to jointly develop a seat post for sports bikes.

The carbon fiber seat post has been given a different profile shape. This has become a more oval shape with an almost flat side. Two profiles are used for the seat post, which are inserted into the frame with the flat sides facing each other.

Ideas for a new design are currently in the works. The goal is to further increase stiffness, further improving static bending.

Developing innovative designs together

Prince Fibre’s fiberglass and carbon products can be used very widely. This collaboration with Fraunhofer is an excellent example of that.

Are you also curious about the possibilities that carbon or fiberglass can offer you? Prince Fibre is happy to advise you and help you think of unique applications for a custom developed product. Please feel free to contact our specialists for this.