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Subtle carbon application in acoustic guitars

When you think of pultrusion applications, you probably don’t immediately think of the more subtle processing of carbon and fiberglass in delicate products such as musical instruments. This is not surprising, considering composite is known for its excellent replacement of traditional materials such as steel and aluminum. Surely these are mainly used in large projects for building and construction.

Yet carbon also lends itself perfectly to sophisticated and elegant items, as in the processing of Furch Guitars’ premium acoustic guitars. Prince Fibre has been working with Furch Guitars for half a decade to best control and predict the color sound of its premium guitars.

Guitar neck with carbon CNR system

When an acoustic guitar is played, the color sound of the instrument is highly dependent on the wood on which the strings are stretched. Because wood is a natural, unpredictable product, guitar makers go to great lengths to make the changeable nature of the sound as consistent and predictable as possible.

Thanks to Furch Guitars’ CNR system, the sound of their acoustic guitars is very stable. The CNR system is attached in the neck of the guitar and consists of an adjustable neck pin placed in a thin-walled carbon fiber body made of Prince Fibre. Because of this neck-pin, the wood behaves very predictably and any guitarist can achieve tremendous precision while playing.

Meet the challenge High rigidity for ultimate precision

In addition to the carbon body, Prince Fibre also plays an important role in a special part of the CNR system: a carbon element that makes the guitar’s heel extremely rigid. This allows the amplifying block at the front of the guitar’s sound box to be significantly reduced, allowing the entire system to fit perfectly into the guitar neck. The exceptional precision and consistency of our carbon products are a perfect match for the high standards Furch Guitars envisions for its premium acoustic guitars. We hope to continue our successful and professional cooperation for many years to come.