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The positive features in a style of your choice.

Composite profiles can be given a suitable appearance for the desired use by means of an eccentric fleece or pigment. Eye-catching or camouflaging, both are possible.

Flexible design

Innovative designs with complex structures are possible


A profile with print lets the design blend nicely into its surroundings.


A printed profile attracts extra attention by using an eye-catching design.


The correct print

When a profile is used in the street scene, it may be desirable to make it disappear into the background. On the company floor, on the other hand, it may be important to make it stand out for safety reasons. For both cases, Prince Fibre can apply a coating or treatment to suit the need.

The treatment can be applied in two ways: with pigment or a
(polyester) fleece. When an even covering of the composite is desired, we add pigment to the resin that fixes the fibres in their shape. The (polyester) fleece can give the profile a completely different look, as patterns can be used in it, among other things. We add this fleece just before curing the resin. The resin is transparent, so the fleece remains visible on the finished product.

Benefits composite

The solutions offered by composite are versatile. See below which solution is right for your demand.

  • Weight reduction
  • Insulating value
  • Extreme rigidity
  • Improvement in span
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Corrosion-proof
  • High pressure resistance
  • Fireproof
  • Invisible to X-ray


Prince Fibre has manufactured profiles for various applications. See below which application suits your demand.

  • Facades
  • Frames and grilles
  • Machinery and roller conveyors
  • Drones and aerobatics
  • Sail support
  • Marine
  • Robotic arms
  • Construction & infrastructure
  • Sports & leisure
  • Telescopic tubes & tripods

An appropriate profile

Prince Fibre and its partners can also process your profiles, cut them to size or provide them with end pieces.

Are you looking for a profile with a customised look? Please contact our specialists to discuss the possibilities.With our partners, we are able to provide customer-specific profiles with the desired treatments and coatings. We will be happy to advise you!


A selection of our
Profiles with print

Stone print sill

Profile with print

Edge profile


Lattice profile


Hexagon profile


Oval bar

Carbon and/or fibreglass combination

Shelf profile with wooden inside

Carbon and/or fibreglass combination

Eight shape profile

Carbon and/or fibreglass combination

Customer specific profile


Substructure profile


Tube with aramid reinforcement

Carbon and/or fibreglass combination

T profile


Red coloured tube


Carbon tube with aramid and print

Profile with print

Window insulator profile




Balcony floor profile


Profiel met print - Houten railing
Wood print railing

Profile with print

Flower print railing

Profile with print

Yellow coloured profile


Profiel met print - Houten buis
Wood print pipe

Profile with print

Rounded batten

Carbon and/or fibreglass combination

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