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Fiberglass is an incredibly good insulator, so it can provide new, sustainable solutions. In the construction, maritime and agricultural sectors, we see the application of fiber optics more and more. This is mainly due to the insulating effect of the fiberglass profile and its corrosion resistance.

Fiberglass as an insulator

Fiberglass can be used as an insulator in two ways.

It is possible to route cabling through a hollow profile to prevent moisture from reaching it. We see this mostly in the maritime sector, where the fiberglass profile serves, among other things, as an insulator of cabling in masts of sailing ships. In the agricultural sector, the hollow tube is used to protect measuring equipment from external conditions.

Fiberglass can also be placed in wall separating structures to better insulate buildings. An example of this is the fiberglass sill we developed with a customer. It serves to replace low-insulating lower sills. The use of an eccentric fleece preserves the external characteristics of the lower sill.