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Weight reductionInsulating valueExtreme rigidityImprovement spanLow coefficient of expansionCorrosion-resistantHigh pressure resistanceFireproofInvisible to x-ray
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Stronger than aluminum, steel and titanium

Carbon profiles are very strong and have extremely high stiffness. This stiffness is even higher than that of aluminum, steel and titanium. When this property is a requirement for machines or parts, we can provide custom or standard carbon profiles.

Adjustable rigidity

We all produce the standard profiles in the same way. As a result, the properties of each profile are similar to each other. However, with a custom profile, these properties can also be adjusted to that which is important for the final product.

The desired stiffness does not have to be the same for every product. It is enginable per profile by playing between adjusting the ratio of the direction of the fibers. When more braid and wrap is added to the profile, the stiffness of the profile increases. In addition, the breaking strain of the material can also be changed by the addition of aramid fibers. Aramid is also known for its use in bullet and shrapnel resistant vests. Furthermore, basalt or natural fibers can be added to the composite to influence the properties of the final product.