Carbon profiles are very strong and have an extremely high rigidity, which even exceeds aluminium, steel and titanium.
We can supply customised carbon profiles or standard profiles if this property is a requirement for machines or components.



We all produce standard profiles in the same way, which means that the properties of each profile are the same. However, when it comes to a customised profile, these properties can also be adapted to what is important for the finished product. The desired rigidity does not have to be the same for every product. This can be engineered per profile by playing with the ratio of the direction of the fibres. When more braid and wrap is added to the profile, the rigidity of the profile increases. The rupture strain of the material can also be changed by adding aramid fibres. Aramid is also known from its use in bullet and fragmentation-proof vests. Basalt or natural fibres can also be added to the composite to influence the properties of the finished product.


Prince Fibre has been working with Aermast for 28 years on unique applications in the construction and infrastructure industry. Thanks to Prince Fibre, every flag is always clearly legible, in high and low winds.

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Carbon profiles provide strength, with almost no increase in weight. The profiles also offer extreme rigidity and high compressive strength.

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