03 October 2019

From construction to composites

Two years ago I became the new CEO of PRINCE FIBRE. For me this meant the challenging step towards composites. Until that time my heart was with construction, something that I inherited from the generations before me.

Sixty years ago, my grandfather started a construction company based on his passion for construction and technology, which was expanded by my father and uncles. When I turned 21 the question came: “What are the plans for your future?” The company grew and could use a young guns. Young guns like to give their all, and so one day after my graduation I sat in the chair next to my uncle. Soon I was allowed to run the company with him and my father. Twenty years later my niece, brother and nephew were the new young guns of Groothuis Bouwgroep and I was able to make the leap to PRINCE FIBRE
The great thing is that I didn’t have to say goodbye: Prince Fiber also has a lot in common with construction. Because construction always fights against moisture and condensation on connections, fiber optic reinforced profiles are increasingly being chosen. PRINCE FIBRE produces these sills that are mounted under plastic frames. Super strong and insulating! This is how construction and composites, my past and present, come together again.

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