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The right coating for every application

When a profile is used in the streetscape, it may be desirable for the profile to fade into the background. On the company floor, it may actually be important to make them stand out for safety reasons. For either case, Prince Fibre can apply a coating or processing to suit the need.
It can be processed in two ways: with pigment or a (polyester) fleece.
When an even covering of the composite is desired, we add pigment to the resin that fixes the fibers in their shape.

The (polyester) fleece can give the profile a completely different look, as patterns can be used in this, among other things. We add this fleece just before curing the resin. The resin is translucent, leaving the fleece visible on the finished product.


A style of your choice

Composite profiles can be given a suitable appearance for the desired use by means of an eccentric fleece or pigment. With colors or patterns, this makes it impossible to tell that fiberglass or carbon was used below. It is also possible to cover only part of the profile with a coating to keep precisely the underlying profile visible.

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