Composite profiles can be given a suitable look for the desired application by means of an eccentric fleece or pigment. With colours or patterns, it is no longer possible to tell that fibreglass or carbon has been used underneath. It is also possible to coat only part of the profile in order to keep the underlying profile visible.



When a profile is used in the street scene, it may be preferable for the profile to disappear into the background, while on the shop floor, it can be important to make them stand out for safety reasons. Prince Fibre can apply a coating or treatment to suit the purpose in both cases.

Treatment can be applied in two ways: with pigment or a (polyester) fleece.

If a uniform covering of the composite is desired, we add pigment to the resin that fixes the fibres in their shape.

The (polyester) fleece can give the profile a completely different look, as patterns can be incorporated, among other things. We add this fleece just before the resin cures. The resin is translucent, so the fleece remains visible on the finished product.

Zwarte buizen



Prince Fibre and its partners can also process your profiles, cut them to size or fit them with end pieces.

Please contact our specialists to discuss the options available.



Are you looking for a profile with a custom look? Together with our partners, we can provide customer-specific profiles with the desired processing and coatings. We will gladly advise you!


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