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Composite ribs - van der heiden systems

Frank van Slobbe, work planner/engineer at Van der Heiden Systems Van der Heiden Systems manufactures systems that promote flow in cold rooms. These include doors and interiors of so-called “ripening rooms,” in which products such as bananas can ripen efficiently. In the ripening rooms, tarpaulins with carbon reinforcement profiles (like ribs) cover the aisle, which lies between 2 rows of pallets. This aisle allows the air to be pulled through the cold store, ensuring efficient ripening. If you don’t do this, the ripening of bananas, for example, takes 14 days instead of 7.

Frank van Slobbe, work planner/engineer at Van der Heiden Systems: “To support our tarpaulins in the cold rooms, we use carbon profiles from Prince Fibre. The tarpaulins have to be strong, lightweight products because they have to be able to be rolled up. In the ripening chambers, negative pressure is created, and in spite of this, the tarpaulins must remain taut and thus not collapse. Carbon fiber structures in the profiles have the right properties for these requirements. Throughout the year we are supplied with profiles by Prince Fibre, which we customize ourselves. For large projects, Prince Fibre supplies our material to size. Prince Fibre delivers reliable quality and, in addition, the company thinks with us on any issues regarding carbon profiles.”

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