19 May 2022

Sail and canvas support

The strength of composites is, among other things, very well suited for reinforcing canvases or sails. We see many common applications in sailing, freight transport, refrigerated transport, air freight transport, construction, sun protection in greenhouses, storage and tents.

Unbendable, so strong
Composite profiles in the form of spinnakers or battens keep the sails of a boat nice and taut so that they can catch enough wind. Despite the fact that the wind can pull at the sails enormously, the strong composite profile will retain its shape. In addition, the use of composites ensures a reduction in weight, which is a great advantage in sailing.

In greenhouses, the profiles are also very popular because of their rigidity and light weight. The cloths that are used for sun protection are already heavy in themselves. The addition of, for example, aluminium tubes can help maintain the position, were it not for the fact that these add even more weight to the cloth. In addition, aluminium can bend over time. Carbon profiles, because of their strength and low weight, are therefore the ideal solution for bringing screens into position in greenhouses.

Flexible composite profiles
Composites are not only used for their rigidity, but also for their strength and flexibility. For example, thin, solid fibreglass tubes or narrow, hollow carbon tubes remain flexible, but are powerful enough to spring back into their original shape every time. This makes these profiles very suitable for use in tent construction. The profile can bend repeatedly without breaking and ensures that the tent remains stable.

Other applications
Another support application for the composite profiles is in roller doors made of canvas or canvas. The composite profiles can be added horizontally to provide reinforcement and make the roller door a stronger element.

We also see the use of composite profiles in air cargo. A tarpaulin is laid over the frames in the cargo space. By incorporating composite profiles in this tarpaulin, it forms a solid whole. The frames are better protected and stay in place.

Composites for sail or canvas support
Prince Fibre produces profiles that offer solutions in many sectors. Are you inspired to use composite profiles as well? Then contact us to discuss the possibilities of a custom-made profile.

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