30 May 2022


ATC focuses for example on telescopic applications with the tubes of Prince Fibre.

Prince Fibre has been working with ATC Composite Solutions for many years. ATC Composite Solutions produces customised carbon and glass fibre solutions for its customers. For example, they make completely finished end products from Prince Fibre’s profiles, which are immediately put into use by their customers. ATC focuses for example on telescopic applications with the tubes of Prince Fibre.

Telescopic applications

ATC Composite Solutions makes telescopic applications of the composite tubes. They do this by processing the tubes into tripods and aids for things such as glass cleaning, microphone poles or other applications that require distance bridging. The tripods and telescopic tubes are lightweight and very powerful due to the use of composites. This ensures that the material has limited deflection and remains manoeuvrable.

The product of ATC

ATC Composite Solutions knows how to turn composite profiles into end products that their customers can immediately put to use. They do this by cutting the profiles to size, or adding parts that are needed to meet the customer’s requirements. To the telescopic tubes, for example, they add clamps that can fix the tube at any length. Furthermore, they think along with customers about how the composite profiles can be adjusted for the best results.

A trusted partner

The partnership between ATC Composite Solutions and Prince Fibre was established years ago. The owner of ATC was part of the Prince Fibre team before he started his own company.

At ATC they are therefore well acquainted with the ins and outs of Prince Fibre and know for what a suitable product can be supplied. When it comes to sourcing composite profiles, most of ATC’s solutions come from Prince Fibre. Only if the length or size of a desired profile cannot be delivered, ATC also buys from two other parties.

Complementing each other

Price Fibre produces composite profiles that ATC Composite Solutions then processes into an end product. Both companies complement each other, creating the possibility of a better connection in the market. It is this good cooperation that has ensured that the partnership lasts for years.

Do you want to offer your customers a powerful, high-quality product? Then take a look at the possibilities of composites. Do you want to keep your stocks topped up so that you are never short of parts? Then Prince Fibre is your reliable partner.

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