20 August 2020

The Future of Pultrusion

New blog series

The future is now. Creation and innovation are rising every day. This is true for the changing world of pultrusion as well. Prince Fibre uses pultrusion for the development and production of inventive composite profiles that are applied in a broad range of industries and applications. What is pultrusion going to bring us in the future? This is the question Prince Fibre will be answering in our newest blog series ‘The Future of Pultrusion’. In every edition, our very own composite specialist Gerard will discuss the prospective of composite profiles in a number of markets and appliances. Some of the upcoming topics are composites in wind energy, automation, hydrogen storage, and aero to industry.

Always moving forward

Lightweight and strong composite profiles are taking over the lead from heavy and more traditional materials like steel and aluminum. Composites are not only very dimensional and broadly applicable, but also have great adaptability regarding the product it’s used for. For example, the mechanical properties of the carbon and glass fiber tubes can be adjusted, if desired, for specific loads that an application requires, like torsion, bending and tensile load. The applications Prince Fibre is producing for, are a.o. infrastructure, machinery, construction, sports, and leisure. Applications that are completely in line with ‘the future of pultrusion’ and we’re particularly proud of, are robotics, drones, and telescopic poles. Pultrusion is moving forward, and so are we.

Innovative composite solutions

Composite profiles are the global solution for improving production rates, lowering workloads, and increasing revenues in all types of industries. It will only be a matter of time until composites take over the world completely. You want to be there when it happens! Stay tuned for the latest insights and developments in pultrusion. Next time, you’ll be able to read everything on the matter of pultrusion and wind energy. Do you have any questions about our products or pultrusion in general? Do not hesitate to contact us. We gladly answer all of your questions.

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