25 September 2020

The Future of Pultrusion

Pultrusion and wind energy

The possibilities for generating wind energy

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: pultrusion solutions create endless possibilities in a great variety of markets and industries. We’ve applied carbon and glass fiber profiles for many different purposes and there’s no doubt we’ll apply them for many more in the future. One of the most interesting appliances of pultrusion profiles is its use in the production of wind energy. In this edition of ‘The Future of Pultrusion’, composite specialist Gerard will discuss the prospective of composite profiles in generating wind energy, more specific, the application of carbon in the production of windmill blades.

Innovative solution for ever increasing windmill blades

As the need and popularity of wind energy is growing, the size of windmill blades is increasing. At the start of the 80s, windmills still had an average diameter of 15 meters. In the following years, this number was doubled, so naturally, the size of the windmill blades had to escalate as well. Currently, windmill blades often are made of glass fiber thermoset material. A product that’s well-known in the pultrusion business and we’re not unfamiliar with ourselves. But as a result of the developments of the last decades, the materials used for long windmill blades need to be critically reviewed. After all, longer blades need stiffer materials.

Carbon vs. glass fiber

It’s only logical to look into carbon fiber solutions for safe and secure larger windmill blades. Carbon fiber is three times stiffer than glass fiber. A good option to increase the stiffness of a windmill blade, would be adding carbon fiber profiles to the construction. This wouldn’t be possible without pultrusion. The pre-stretched fiber in the profiles and the full UD-layup facilitates the highest stiffness possible. This is an innovative solution to a common problem in the wind energy industry. Pultrusion is the future!

In the next edition of ‘The Future of Pultrusion’ we’ll discuss the opportunities of composites in automation processes, so stay tuned for more insights and developments in pultrusion. Do you have any questions about our products or the possibilities pultrusion can offer your business? Feel free to contact us. We gladly answer all of your questions.

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