The addition of a carbon profile to traditional construction materials is a simple, yet highly effective way of increasing the maximum span in structures. A composite profile can be added to concrete, wood or aluminium to provide reinforcement and increase the possible span or reduce sagging. The carbon is lightweight, so it adds relatively little extra weight to the construction.


Carbon slats

A carbon profile that can improve the span in a construction is also produced in the form of a slat. It can, for example, be inserted into a recess in an aluminium beam, which removes it from view and dramatically increases the rigidity of the entire structure.

The use of carbon profiles to improve the span can offer advantages in several sectors. This includes the construction industry in particular, as this addition provides a solution for construction components.

Slats are already used in bridges and viaducts to reinforce structures. Tent and porch structures can also be reinforced with these profiles.

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