This time Prince Fibre received a request from one of the largest carpet manufacturers in Europe. An innovative lightweight carbon tube was the solution to replace a heavy aluminium tube. Because of Prince Fibre’s experience in the machinery sector, we had no hesitation in recommending this carbon tube.

Optimised production

After learning about Prince Fibre, the idea of making the customer’s work a lot lighter arose. Employees always had to do heavy lifting with a tube to unwind fabric for carpet production from a machine. The tube made of traditional material proved not only too heavy for the employees, but sagging was also a disadvantage for the machine itself. The failure rate on the carpet line was too high due to the sagging of the previous tube. By replacing this tube with a powerful, lightweight carbon tube, the fabric rests more tightly on the machine and the risk of b-quality carpet is considerably lowered. The failure rate has also been significantly reduced.

Lichtgewicht afrolbuis voor tapijtproductie

Customised carbon applications

Lightweight solutions

Prince Fibre, together with its customer, set out to find a suitable solution to the problem. The request (a strong, lightweight tube made of carbon to wrap fabric around the machine) resulted in a six-metre-long tube weighing only seven kilograms. The tube also bends less than the aluminium tube used in the past. This allows the employees to do their work faster and more efficiently. The tube can easily carry a fabric main roll of 400 kg.

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