Prince Fibre has been working with Aermast for 28 years on unique applications in the construction and infrastructure industry. Aermast, a specialist in the professional flag and flagpole industry, produces high-quality flagpole holders in cooperation with Prince Fibre. Thanks to Prince Fibre, every flag is always clearly legible, in high and low winds.



Long-standing relationship

Aermast develops customised products for the sale of flagpoles, frames, span frames, rental masts and related articles. The cooperation between Prince Fibre and Aermast started back in 1992, when the flagpole manufacturer started to buy masts and wind turbine blades from Prince Fibre. A year later, the manufacturer took over the entire stock and production of the flagpoles. Today, 28 years later, Prince Fibre’s fibreglass reinforced pultrusion profiles are still used in Aermast flagpoles. The relationship is regarded as very pleasant on both sides, with short lines of communication, fast deliveries and, of course, an excellent product.

Fibreglass reinforced flagpole holders

Aermast has made a conscious decision for many years already to use Prince Fibre’s fibreglass reinforced tubes for their flagpole holders. Unlike aluminium, the 16 x 12 mm fibreglass profile tubes do not become permanently warped in strong winds. The high volume of fibres in the fibreglass tube means that the flagpole holders always retain their current linearity and do not sag. As a demonstration, both Prince Fibre and Aermast are currently displaying two beautiful flagpoles made from carbon tubes at the front of the company. These flagpoles are the result of an idea to also develop the flagpole of composite, full carbon!

Carbon vlaggenmast



As an innovative technology company, Prince Fibre is improving and developing processes every day. Fibreglass profiles are ideally suited for applications in the construction and infrastructure industries. Does this unique fibreglass project arouse your curiosity about the possibilities that fibre optics can offer you? Prince Fibre can advise you in a personal and expert manner. We will be happy to discuss unique, customised products with you. Feel free to contact one of our specialists so that we can discuss the possibilities with you!

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Carbon profiles provide strength, with almost no increase in weight. The profiles also offer extreme rigidity and high compressive strength.

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Fibreglass profiles insulate electrically and thermally. Temperature fluctuations have virtually no effect on the material due to its low expansion rate.

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