Prince Fibre is at the forefront when it comes to innovative and ground-breaking projects. And what could be more innovative and future-focused than automatic pick-and-place robots that reduce staff workload and increase production? We have been the proud supplier of a number of robot suppliers, including PWR, for some time already. Companies are increasingly turning to carbon tubes for their delta robots. PWR is the leading specialist for customer-specific automated robotic solutions in the food packaging industry. Prince Fibre’s carbon tubes are an important part of the PWR delta robots. Light, powerful and of high rigidity – all of the components required for a successful pick-and-place robot.




Since it performs many movements, a light weight is obviously important in the PWR delta robots. Carbon is the ideal material for this purpose. By using carbon profiles as robot arms, it is possible to produce products of the highest quality. The PWR delta robots move quickly, they operate 16 hours a day or more and are accurate in picking and placing products. This results in higher production, reduced workload for personnel and, in the long run, cost savings.

Carbon en robotics, de ideale match!


In the food packaging industry

PWR works mainly with food producers to package products automatically and efficiently. The PWR delta robots operate smartly and precisely, as they must be able to respond to complex conditions. Everything is in motion during production. This includes the conveyor belt with food products, the belt on which the packaging lies and, of course, the robot itself. The optimal performance of PWR delta robots is among the best in the Robotics market segment. Prince Fibre is proud to contribute to this.

Carbon en robotics, de ideale match!

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Carbon as a material is ideally suited for applications in the field of robotics. Do you also have a project for which you can use Prince Fibre’s diverse and customer-specific products? We can always create special products and deliver unique projects. Feel free to contact us! Our specialists will be happy to discuss your needs and inform you about our carbon solutions without any obligation on your part.

Carbon en robotics, de ideale match!

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