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Our carbon fibre profiles

dunwandige buis

Thin walled tube


The thin-walled tube is characterized by a wall thickness of up to 2 mm and a fibre volume content of up to 60% with a smooth surface. These profiles are ultra-light with optimal strength and weight ratio. Because of the low weight, these profiles are extremely suitable for use in moving (product) operations. Think in particular of integration in robot arms, model building or the car industry.

The external braid of 45 degrees provides these profiles with improved torsional rigidity and the characteristic appearance. Thin-walled tubes are produced as standard in vinyl ester matrix and epoxy as an option.

CT00315 dunwandige buis
CT00320 dunwandige buis
CT00420 dunwandige buis
CT00425 dunwandige buis
CT00530 dunwandige buis


article nr. article resin weight/m stock length ca. lead time
CT00315 CARBON TUBE 3 x 1,5 mm vinylester 8 gram 6.000 mm Limited stock
CT00320 CARBON TUBE 3 x 2 mm vinylester 6 gram 6.000 mm Limited stock
CT00320 CARBON TUBE 4 x 2 mm vinylester 14 gram 6.000 mm 5 days
CT00425 CARBON TUBE 4 x 2,5 mm vinylester 12 gram 6.000 mm 5 days
CT00530 CARBON TUBE 5 x 3 mm vinylester 19 gram 6.000 mm 5 days
CT00535 CARBON TUBE 5 x 3,5 mm vinylester 15 gram 6.000 mm Limited stock
CT00635 CARBON TUBE 6 x 3,5 mm vinylester 28 gram 6.000 gram Limited stock
CT00640 CARBON TUBE 6 x 4 mm vinylester 24 gram 6.000 mm 5 days
CT00750 CARBON TUBE 7 x 5 mm vinylester 28 gram 6.000 mm limited stock
CT00850 CARBON TUBE 8 x 5 mm vinylester 45 gram 6.000 mm 5 days


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