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Carbon fibre rod


The solid carbon fibre rod has a fibre volume content around 50%. A rod is made of only unidirectional fibres. This makes the tensile load optimal and these profiles are extremely suitable for applications with high loads in the longitudinal direction. The standard solid carbon rods vary in diameter from 2 to 25 mm. The carbon rod is produced as standard in vinyl ester and optionally in epoxy.

CR00200 Staaf
CR00250 Staaf
CR00300 Staaf
CR00400 Staaf
CR00500 Staaf
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article nr. article resin weight/m stock length ca. lead time
CR00200 CARBON ROD 2 mm vinylester 5 gram 6.000 mm Limited stock
CR00250 CARBON ROD 2,5 mm vinylester 7 gram 6.000 mm Limited stock
CR00300 CARBON ROD 3 mm vinylester 11 gram 6.000 mm 5 days
CR00400 CARBON ROD 4 mm vinylester 19 gram 6.000 mm Limited stock
CR00500 CARBON ROD 5 mm vinylester 29 gram 6.000 mm 5 days
CR00600 CARBON TUBE 6 mm vinylester 42 6.000 mm 5 days
CR00700 CARBON TUBE 7 mm vinylester 56 gram 6.000 mm Limited stock
CR00800 CARBON ROD 8 mm vinylester 74 gram 6.000 mm 5 days
CR00900 CARBON ROD 9 mm vinylester 95 gram 6.000 mm 15 days
CR01000 CARBON ROD vinylester 114 gram 6.000 mm 5 days


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