Customer specific carbon fibre profiles

Our carbon fibre profiles

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customer specific carbon fibre profiles

We develop and produce the product that suits your needs! Prince Fibre, together with its clients, develops high-quality composite profiles for a wide range of specific applications.

It is possible to add a printed membrane to the surface or to reinforce a profile with aramid fibres. Aramid has a higher elongation at break than carbon. This fibre ensures that an aramid fibre reinforced profile does not come loose from the structure in the event of breakage. Aramid is used in bullet-proof and shatterproof vests. Like carbon, aramid is also temperature resistant, but aramid has a higher tensile strength than carbon fibre. The yellow colour of aramid in combination with the black colour of carbon gives a professional look.

Curious about the possibilities that a customized carbon profile can offer you? Please contact us. Our employees are happy to help you develop a suitable solution.

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Ruben de Lange

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