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Thin walled tube


The thin-walled tube is characterized by a wall thickness of up to 2 mm and a fibre volume content of up to 60% with a smooth surface. These profiles are ultra-light with optimal strength and weight ratio. Due to the internal braid of 45 degrees, these profiles have an improved torsional rigidity.

The thin-walled tubes are used in, measuring equipment in agriculture. External conditions do not affect the measuring equipment due to the insulating properties of the profiles. Thin-walled tubes are produced as standard in vinyl ester matrix and epoxy as an option. This standard version is natural in colour. Other colours are possible upon request.

GT00425 dunwandige buis
GT00530 dunwandige buis
GT00640 dunwandige buis
GT00860 dunwandige buis
GT01080 dunwandige buis
Dunwandige glas buis


article nr. article resin weight/m stock length ca. lead time
GT00425 GLAS TUBE 4 x 2,5 mm vinylester 16 gram 6.000 mm Limited stock
GT00530 GLASS TUBE 5 x 3 mm vinylester 27 gram 6.000 mm Limited stock
GT00640 GLASS TUBE 6 x 4 mm vinylester 32 gram 6.000 mm Limited stock
GT00860 GLASS TUBE 8 x 6 vinylester 45 gram 6.000 mm Limited stock
GT01080 GLASS TUBE 10 x 8 mm vinylester 59 gram 6.000 mm 5 days
GT01210 GLASS TUBE 12 x 10 vinylester 73 gram 6.000 mm 5 days
GT01412 GLASS TUBE 14 x 12 mm vinylester 83 gram 6.000 mm 5 days
GT02017 GLASS TUBE 20 x 17 mm epoxy 182 gram 6.000 mm 5 days
GT02320 GLASS TUBE 23,5 x 20 mm epoxy 258 gram 6.000 mm 5 days
GT03027 GLASS TUBE 30 x 27 mm epoxy 283 gram 6.000 mm 5 days


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