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Dikwandige buis

Thick walled tube


The thick-walled tube has a wall thickness of more than 2 mm and a fibre volume content of approximately 60%. The standard resin used in the production of thick-walled carbon tubes is epoxy resin. In addition, a thick-walled tube has a multi-layered surface. This standard version is natural in colour. Other colours are possible upon request.

Due to the larger amount of fibres, it is possible to vary the fibre use. For example, fibres can be applied for the specific usage of an application; think of a torsional, bending or tensile load. These profiles are used in the maritime sector as insulation for cabling in masts of sailing ships.

GT01060 Dikwandige buis
GT01280 Dikwandige buis
GT01612 Dikwandige buis
GT03834 Dikwandige buis
GT05046 Dikwandige buis


article nr. article resin weight/m stock length ca. lead time
GT01060 GLASS TUBE 10 x 6 mm vinylester 102 gram 6.000 mm Limited stock
GT01280 GLASS TUBE 12 x 8 mm vinylester 135 gram 6.000 mm Limited stock
GT01612 GLASS TUBE 16 x 12 mm epoxy 187 gram 6.000 mm 5 days
GT03834 GLASS TUBE 38 X 34 mm epoxy 458 gram 6.000 mm Limited stock
GT05046 GLASS TUBE 50 x 46 mm epoxy 606 gram 6.000 mm 5 days
GT06056 GLASS TUBE 60 X 56,5 mm epoxy 691 gram 6.000 mm Limited stock
GT08076 GLASS TUBE 80 x 76 mm epoxy 1.057 gram 6.000 mm Limited stock


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