Prince Fibre has been a specialist in the field of fiberglass profiles for decades.

A product made of this composite is extremely powerful and at the same time lightweight. Furthermore, fiberglass has the beautiful characteristic that it insulates very well. All these characteristics make fiberglass a wonderful alternative to more traditional materials, such as iron and aluminum.

Prince Fibre has a large amount of standard fiberglass profiles in stock. These are available in lengths of 1000, 2000, 4000 and 6000 mm. In the PULLD webshop they can be ordered directly.

In addition to standard fiberglass profiles, we regularly design custom products. Thanks to our high quality production process, we can give profiles many shapes, both rounded and angular.

Fiberglass also offers the unique opportunity to give the product its own look by applying a fleece. This makes the product stand out even more in the environment it is used in.

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