Highly insulating profiles for multiple applications

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Door sills and other building insulators


The facades of buildings consist of many components at the boundary between inside and outside. Increasingly, glass fibre is added to these building insulators because of its strong insulating effect.

The unique properties of glass fibre

Glass fibre is a strong insulating element: it ensures that no heat transfer can take place at connections between different materials or building components. Building insulators are often the separation between outside and inside. A glass fibre profile does not condense, even if the temperature differences between inside and outside are large. In addition, it does not expand in hot or cold conditions. Partly in view of the rules in the Buildings Decree, glass fibre sills leave their competitors far behind.

Customer-specific design

Prince Fibre has developed, together with one of its customers, a transom made of glass fibre with all the above positive characteristics. Besides sills, the use of glass fibre is also interesting for other building insulators.
Furthermore, it is possible to add any design to the products. We do this by adding printed membranes during the pultrusion process. In this way, the product can be given any pattern or appearance. The look of hardstone or hardwood are just a few examples.

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