C-, U- and H-profiles


Construction and industry work with a large number of standard profiles. Traditionally, these are often made of steel, wood or aluminium. At Prince Fibre, we specialise in the production of composite profiles. These profiles are produced in a continuous pultrusion process.

Product specifications

Prince Fibre’s profiles are developed based on years of experience in the field of composites. The carbon and glass fibre profiles combine a low weight with strong properties. In addition, composite does not corrode and is therefore extremely suitable as a structural profile in corrosive environments.
Glass fibre or carbon can be chosen for the composition. If desired, we can mix these fibres with other fibres to adjust the properties of the product to your wishes.
By using multiple layers, it is possible to adjust the mechanical properties for specific loads that an application requires. Consider, for example, torsion, bending or tensile loads.

Do you have a challenge?

Are you active in industry, roof and wall cladding, construction, interior building, the production of industrial doors or in the rail and infrastructure sector? And do you produce large quantities of profiles from traditional materials? Then we at Prince Fibre would like to get in touch with you contact. Our specialists will gladly think along with you about how the use of composite can improve your products or production process.


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