01 May 2019

At Deutsche Post the packages keep on rolling

Packages keep on rolling

Prince Fibre Tech

‘We are looking for a solution to move packages of 50kg at 10 meter high conveyor belts, could you help us?’ This was the request from Deutsche Post after they told us that their conveyor belts in their 33 mail sorting centres, had to be stopped several times a day, because the packages got stuck. An employees had to try to climb up and get the package back on the belt. In collaboration with Deutsche Post we developed the so called ‘PackPicker’. Which is currently being used in all of their German sorting centres.

This has resulted in the largest order in the history of Prince Fibre. We supplied not only the profiles, but also the connectors and cases in which the ‘PackPicker’ was secured. On request of Deutsche Post we pultruded a membrane in the lower tubes with a black and yellow safety line and even the customer’s name. The profile has also been provided with several aramid fibres and has been certified by TÜV.

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