Carbon is strong and it can withstand a lot without damaging the material.
It can therefore replace traditional materials such as aluminium, which sags more easily or can even break off. A further advantage is that carbon fibre is very lightweight, which can improve work or structures in many places.



Carbon can provide support to conventional materials, but it can also replace them completely. Carbon provides high compressive strength, which can be further increased by producing a composition with the right fibres. An aramid fibre, for example, has a higher rupture strain than carbon. Should the carbon break, the aramid fibre ensures that the profile does not detach from the construction.

Carbon profiles are increasingly used as roll-off tubes due to their properties, replacing the aluminium tubes used in the past. At a fraction of the weight, these carbon profiles are also much easier to lift and are therefore labour-friendly for the employees who have to work with them.

Lichtgewicht afrolbuis voor tapijtproductie

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