28 February 2023

Certified to level 3 of the CO2 footprint

At Prince Fibre, the themes of sustainability and circularity are important. We have therefore set our targets and improvements and certified these to level 3 of the CO2 footprint.

The certification has allowed for a greater understanding of Prince Fibre Tech’s emissions. As member of the club of 49 (a collective of several companies within our industry that have the goal of delivering 49% less emissions to this world by 2030) we have been busy taking the right steps to reach the goal of reducing the emissions as a company.

The certification was done by TUV. The standards of this certification are high, completely mapping the emissions of the entire business travel, together with scope 1 & 2 of the CO2 performance ladder. In addition to the full mapping of these components, a page was created on SKAO in which the measures are incorporated.

All this has ensured that we as a company have a better understanding of the emissions of the company. It especially has given us much insight into the possible target to reduce emissions. Next, we will take the according actions for a more sustainable and circular future. Click here to read more about the Co2 footprint certification.

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