25 July 2019

The beating heart of the neighbourhood

Prince Fibre

In April we joined the initiative of a ‘BuurtAED’, to realise the purchase of an AED (automated external defibrillator). This is an initiative of the Hartstichting and Philips. The objective is to collectively collect the costs for the AED. To give every initiative a head-start, Philips sponsors the first half of the amount.

In the case of a cardiac arrest an AED can save lives. Because we think that access to an AED is important. Not only for our own personnel, but for everyone in our industrial area. As a result, we took action and approached our neighbours. All of our neighbours where enthusiastic and supported the initiative. Together we raised the needed amount in just under three weeks!

After reaching our goal, the AED was delivered and has been installed on the outside of our building. It has also been added to the national list of registered AEDs.


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