19 July 2022

Medical application

Carbon profiles are increasingly used in the medical world. They offer a solution where other materials are not or less suitable. Prince Fibre cooperates with a number of institutions and supplies them with suitable carbon profiles.

Invisible to X-rays
A special property of carbon is that it is invisible to X-rays. A great advantage of this is that carbon can be applied in the healing of bone fractures. When a metal tube is used to splint the bone, the metal remains visible on X-rays, making the bone difficult or impossible to see. The use of carbon fibre ensures that the bone remains visible through the profile making it possible to view the fracture from all sides. This makes it easier to monitor the healing process.

Application in the production of medical isotopes
In the treatment of cancer, PET scans are used, among other things, to detect medical isotopes. These medical isotopes consist of radioactive substances that make cancer cells visible during the PET scan. These isotopes are produced in small nuclear power plants. In these nuclear power plants, metals cannot be used just like that. This is why metal is often replaced by glass fibre profiles to isolate.

Medical research
During medical research, carbon profiles offer even more advantages. Certain metals can cause allergic reactions and metal is always subject to corrosion. With carbon tubes, neither of these problems occur. Besides, carbon can be applied in a hygienic way.

Carbon and Glass for the most diverse applications
Carbon and glass fibre profiles can be used in the most diverse sectors. From construction to sports and from machines to the medical world. Do you have a question for which our carbon or glass fibre profiles can offer a solution? Then contact Prince Fibre and we’ll be happy to look together at how we can help you.

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